Lift platform maintenance, such as into internal work, must first read the instructions carefully, and support and sustain equipment mesa (to do) more than twofold protection measures, to prevent the mesa suddenly fell and injured (no maintenance qualification of forbidden maintenance).

Key projectsspecificationsMaintenance timenote
Inspection, intermediate shaft and bearing, oil cylinder pin shaft and bearing, arm hinge shaft and bearing, guide rail and roller lubrication and wear condition. butter A month Grease the above parts to ensure lubrication between the bearings and reduce wear (see figure 1)
Replace hydraulic oil 32# or 46# hydraulic oil (as shown in figure 2) 3-12months After 3 months of new operation, the hydraulic oil should be replaced and replaced every 6 to 12 months, and the high frequency will be replaced every 6 months. When the hydraulic oil color becomes dark, the oil is sticky, or the oil has the foreign body such as gravel, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time.
Inspect hydraulic pipe and pipe connection. As shown in figure 3 12 months The pipe is damaged and should be replaced immediately. When the connection part is loose, tighten the pipe joint.
Reducing valve cleaning. The valve core is shown in figure 4. 12months Remove and disassemble the drop valve and reload it with a compressed air gun to clean the valve core or clean the hydraulic oil.
Clean the oil suction filter. The valve core is shown in figure 4. 12months Drain all the hydraulic oil in the tank, open the tank and remove the oil filter, then put it back in the tank and install it in place. Refill the tank with new oil.

  • Figure 1 the staff is buttering the equipment.

  • FIG. 2 change 32# antiwear hydraulic oil.

  • Figure 3 check the hydraulic pipe and pipe connection part.

  • FIG. 4 drop valve core part.

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