Ensure safety and qualification of people to troubleshoot

Don't l brownout Check the actuator potential of the motor load.The range of voltage fluctuation is allowed to be plus or minus 10%.
Motor does not turn Check the motor, line, transformer, door stroke closed, emergency stop button reset.
Motor reversal Arbitrarily change the two phases in the three-phase line.
Motor open phase (motor does not move, and there is a buzzing sound) check circuit breaker and motor wiring.
The coupling bad/gear pump is bad. Electric motor, remove the oil pipe from the solenoid valve to see whether the oil is out, the oil is not the coupling or the gear pump is bad.
Drop valve open Check the drop valve with a voltmeter to check if there is any power when the drop button is released. If there is no electricity, check the line and troubleshoot. If there is electricity, check the drop valve itself or replace the drop valve. The lubricating oil of the reducing valve must be kept clean and mobile.
Ultra high protection is opened. Remove the solenoid valve line, then connect the rising line if it can rise, then the ultra-high protection stroke is opened, fixed the table, and adjust the stroke.
Manual drop valve is not closed. Check that the manual drop valve on the solenoid valve should be closed (closed).
Low pressure relief valve. Adjust the overflow valve. Adjust at 100% rated load.
The oil level is too low and the oil pump is empty. Fill up the hydraulic fluid.
Oil absorption filtering is blocked. Cleaning strainer
Leakage of oil suction section. Check the tubing and joint, tighten the joint, and replace the connector when necessary.
overload Reduce load, forbid overload use.
Equipment since the fall One-way valve outlet. Check the check valve in the check valve. If the sealing surface of the one-way valve is found to be stolen, clean the check valve.
The descending valve is not tightly closed. Check whether the drop valve has electricity. Check the down valve itself or replace the drop valve if there is electricity. The lubricating oil of the reducing valve must be kept clean and mobile.
Oil leakage in cylinder Replace oil cylinder seals.
The ultra-high protection schedule is pinned down. The solenoid valve light is always on, may be the ultra high protection schedule is pressed, (self-protected cargo ladder has the ultra-high protection schedule), check the ultra-high protection schedule, and remove the debris to solve; If you can't see it, first remove the electromagnetic coil and then press it up.
The drop button is jammed. The electromagnetic light is always on, check whether all the down buttons can be pressed normally, and the replacement button will not be bounced.
Drop button, solenoid valve, ultra high protection travel short circuit. Check the control circuit, find the short circuit to reconnect, or replace the entire control line;
Don't fall Down valve failure Check whether the drop valve has electricity when pressing the down button. If there is no electricity, try to eliminate it; If there is electricity, check the drop valve itself or replace the drop valve. Reducing valve shall be kept clean and lubricated.
The speed control valve fails. Adjust the descending speed control valve, if the mediation is invalid, replace the new valve.
The descent is not reset. Check whether the descending stroke is reset and the trip is bad.Check whether the descending stroke line is broken.
The intermediate relay that controls the drop is bad. If the small light on the relay is on the decrease, the relay will be removed and the relay will be removed. If the problem is solved, the bad relay will be replaced.
The solenoid valve is blocked or broken. Remove the solenoid valve block and clean the screen between the valve block and the mounting plate; If not, change.
Mechanical jamming Dangerous state, not close! Please contact LDG 400-622-6016
The spill Wear of cylinder seals Express accessories, customers themselves change or technetium high send people to change.
Wear of cylinder block of hydraulic cylinder. Consider the oil cylinder in and out of rusting, or long - term change of hydraulic oil, dirty wear cylinder body, to replace oil cylinder.
The cylinder does not rise or fall for a long time. Replace the oil cylinder, the equipment will not be used for a long time to run periodically, to replace the cylinder.
Tubing leakage If the joint leaks, try or replace the o-ring, or replace the whole tubing.
Voice rang The lube oil is not in place. Lubricate the joints and pins.;
The temperature is low in winter and the oil temperature is low. When the oil temperature rises, it will be good to replace the oil seal with soft material.
Safety instructions
1. Please strictly follow the operation instructions and ensure the safety of personnel.
2. In order to ensure safety, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and install, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance and repair without other protective measures such as fixed table.
3. The freight elevator shall not be manned and overloaded, and there is no one under the platform.
4. High altitude operation platform, forbid overload, and forbid the operation when wind speed is above level 4.
5. The user should pay attention to safety during maintenance, and use forklift or crane or steam crane to hoist, and must do two or more protection.
6. In the process of equipment use, please contact the technetium high 18934571636 in time.

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